Leadership commitment leads to treating the whole patient
(all photos prior to COVID-19 protection protocol)

By: Kathy Cafazzo

Healing through art

Pitching their plan to Paul Metts

Paul E. Metts, C.P.A., Shands Hospital CEO Paul E. Metts, C.P.A., Shands Hospital CEO

Understanding the difference art makes

Paul and Stephanie Metts Paul and Stephanie Metts witnessed firsthand the impact that art can have in the healing process when Stephanie was a Pink Lady in the late 1980s. She continues to impact UF Health Shands in 2020, when she and “The Rose Cottage Quilters” sewed and donated more than 3,000 masks to help protect wearers from viruses like COVID-19.

Earning trust with full-time artists

Gaintner Former first lady of Florida Columba Bush toured Shands HealthCare and met with leaders and founders of the AIM program: (L-R) Tina Mullen, AIM director; J. Richard Gaintner, M.D., Shands HealthCare CEO; Bush; John Graham-Pole, M.D., retired UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital pediatric hematologist/oncologist; Sue Gaintner; and Mary Lane, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN., associate professor in the UF College of Nursing.

Strong leadership moves AIM into the future

Ed Jimenez AIM UF Health Shands CEO Ed Jimenez helped motivate AIM team members like Sam Moss, AIM Service Learning coordinator and vocalist, during the COVID-19 pandemic. (photo prior to COVID-19 protection protocol)