Be a security superhero: Back to basics with IT security

As UF Health faculty and staff members, we’re constantly managing a lot of information — emails, patient medical records, research documents, employee information, student records and more.

Just like protecting our patients and ourselves against the flu and other infectious diseases, we need to take precautions to protect the information we manage against computer viruses, hackers and other security threats.

Protecting sensitive, restricted and private data safeguards our organization, our patients and us.

You are personally responsible for all your computer and email activity
at UF Health. Take precautions when it comes to your work-related digital properties and information. Know the threats and help protect!

Security superhero tips:

  • With email, think before you click or respond.
  • Your mobile device stores sensitive and private information just like your computer.
  • Sharing is caring, except when it comes to passwords.
  • Identity theft can happen to anyone — don’t let someone wreck your good name!