Compliance emphasizes clear employee-supervisor communication

Speaking up when something doesn’t look right can be uncomfortable and intimidating. It’s difficult to admit an unintended error or discuss what appears to be a colleague’s improper behavior, but addressing an issue is the right thing to do.

Effective communication between an employee and supervisor is a two-way street. Employees are encouraged to speak up and talk to their supervisors about any concerns or irregularities so they can be promptly investigated and resolved. Supervisors are encouraged to be receptive and collaborate with employees and the appropriate other departments to resolve the situation with the best possible outcome for all involved.

Practicing honesty and integrity is important in the workplace and in our personal lives. We are all responsible for reporting — in good faith — possible instances of wrongdoing or non-compliance with regulations or policies.

We encourage you to speak to your immediate supervisor, who is often your best resource. There are other options
as well:

  • Email UF Health Shands Compliance Services at or
  • Call the Compliance Hotline at 1-888-329-3569 for compliance concerns.
  • Call the UF Health Risk Management Patient Safety Hotline at 352-538-2635 for patient safety concerns.
  • Contact any of the following UF Health Shands core service departments:
  • Compliance Services: 352-627-9050
  • Audit Services: 352-627-5000
  • Risk Management: 352-265-7106
  • HR Employee Relations: 352-265-0495

Remember: UF Health Shands will not retaliate in any way against an employee who — in good faith — reports compliance concerns or wrongdoing, or participates in an investigation pertaining to such concerns or wrongdoing.

For additional information, please view UF Health Shands Core Policy 04.011 Compliance Concern Reporting and Non-Retaliation on the UF Health Bridge by hovering over “Policies & Procedures” in the main menu and clicking “Core Policies.” Search by policy number, or by clicking “CP04-Compliance.”

If you feel you have been retaliated against, please call any of the numbers listed above.