Helpful nutrition tips and resources

Spring into nutrition with helpful tips and resources

It’s easy to be enticed by fast food and neglect when making home-cooked meals. However, cooking at home allows you more control of what you eat and often leads to healthier choices. Use the USDA’s MyPlate recommendations to guide your meals:

Give it a try!

The versatile brown rice bowl:

  1. Start with brown rice. One cup serves two people.
  2. Pack in produce. Choose a combination of vegetables for a variety of flavors and nutrients.
  3. Add some healthy protein. Try fish, beans, chicken, nuts or boiled eggs.
  4. Top it off with a light sauce or seasoning.

Looking for additional support? Sign up online to attend a lunchtime workshop Tuesday, March 17 on body image titled, “What have your thighs done for you lately? How to free yourself from body angst and, finally, enjoy living in your body.”

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Also, email café to sign up for updates about new menu items and wellness events taking place this month. Quickly find UF Health Shands cafeteria menus by visiting and typing “cafeteria” in the search box.