Tobacco and contraband policies reminder

Improving health and safety for our patients and communities is at the heart of everything we do at UF Health. In the fall of 2009, UF Health made a commitment to be Tobacco-Free Together. As a responsible health care organization, we are committed to providing the highest-quality medical care and preventing disease, while offering a safe, healthy and welcoming environment for everyone who seeks care or works on our campuses.

We have policies and guidelines in place that help us reinforce safe and healthy behaviors. We call on you — our faculty, staff, residents, students and volunteers — to model health-promoting behaviors while on our properties. We also ask our patients, visitors and vendors to join us in this effort.

At a glance, here’s what you need to know:

  • We do not allow smoking or the use of tobacco products
    (including e-cigarettes) on our campuses, roadways and
    parking areas or inside our buildings.
  • We prohibit the presence and use of illicit/illegal drugs
    and alcohol anywhere on campus or in our buildings.
  • We prohibit the presence and use of knives, guns or
    other weapons in our facilities.

The best solution is for individuals to avoid bringing restricted items to UF Health. If individuals have contraband — illicit drugs, alcohol and weapons — upon arrival, we want them to leave these items behind when entering campus or our buildings. This applies to staff, patients and visitors with a concealed weapon permit; please leave these items safely secured in your vehicle.

This year, we plan to add more signage to our patient and visitor parking garages to raise awareness about tobacco and contraband. We’ll also provide you with a new and improved site on the UF Health Bridge intranet portal with resources and links. Stay tuned.

There are a variety of online and self-help resources and counseling to help people quit tobacco, drug and alcohol use. As a UF Health Shands employee, if you’d like to break the habit, please contact UF Health Shands Occupational Health Services. UF staff can contact UF’s Employee Assistance Program.

Tobacco & Contraband Policies

UF Health Shands employees can reference policies by visiting the UF Health Bridge, clicking on the “Policies & Procedures” tab and then “UF Health Shands Hospital” (for Core Policies) and “UF Health Shands Human Resources” (for HR policies). The policies governing tobacco and contraband are:

UF Health Shands Hospital Policies:
CP01.029: Tobacco-Free Environment
CP01.018: Violence and Weapons –
Prevention and Response

UF Health Shands Human
Resources Policies
HR119: Tobacco-Free Environment
HR305: Personal Appearance and Dress
HR301: Shands Work and Safety Rules
HR407: Meal and Break Periods

UF Health Shands Nursing
and Patient Services Policies
52 Psych-S-002: Items brought in by
visitors – Checking for contraband
52 Psych-S-001: Search of patient and
patient belongings
52 Psych-AM-021: Injury Prevention
Program Procedure

UF faculty and staff can reference UF’s tobacco-free policy statement by visiting or viewing the UF Employee and Student Handbooks. The UF Human Resources Services Policies at outline UF’s workplace regulations on tobacco, weapons and drugs.

Consent and Authorization for Routine Treatment Form
Excerpt related to contraband

Hospital Safety and Security – In order to protect the health and safety of patients, visitors and staff, I understand Shands does not permit contraband on its premises (including guns, knives, other weapons, illicit drugs, or alcohol). I consent to a search of my person and belongings to identify and remove contraband should Shands reasonably suspect the presence or use of contraband on its premises. If my providers reasonably suspect the use of contraband substances, I consent to an alcohol and/or drug test as necessary to provide me appropriate patient Care. I understand and acknowledge that Shands has zero tolerance for harassing, aggressive or violent behavior by its visitors, staff, and patients.