Pediatric burn patient turns accident into a future career in medicine

By: Caroline Lee

The Accident

“I immediately ran out the door and jumped in the pool. All I could comprehend was that this oil burned me, and I needed to make it stop,” Gabby said.
“Oil doesn’t stop burning until it doesn’t have anything to burn anymore and water is the only thing that stopped it,” Gabby said. “If I hadn’t jumped in, I don’t know if I would have regained feeling in my arm.”

The Recovery

Gabby_wrist Gabby Carrara at the Grapevine Canyon Petroglyphs in Laughlin, Nevada, in May 2021.

The Present

“Finding good, quality doctors that will truly listen is so rare. I feel like I need to pay it forward in a way,” Gabby said. “It takes the right person to have the knowledge and compassion, and I feel like I can work toward that.”