Don’t let your resolutions fizzle out

Do you have a hard time keeping your New Year’s resolutions? Don’t let your goals fizzle out — join GatorCare and the UF-UF Health Wellness Committee’s 12 Tweaks to a Healthier You program to make healthy choices all year long.

Each month will focus on a different tweak — a small, actionable behavior that can be incorporated into your daily routine, like the following:

  • Morning Mile: Start your day with a mile walk
  • Gratitude: Boost happiness with a daily gratitude practice
  • Cross-Train: Increase your fitness with cardio, strength and flexibility training
  • Jumpstart: Develop a healthy morning routine to find balance and get fueled for your day
  • Zzz: Work on your sleep hygiene
  • Serving Size Surprise: Increase your water intake and rethink your portion sizes
  • Prep 101: Master meal preparation techniques
  • Savings Central: Focus on your finances
  • Go the Distance: Train for a race or increase your daily step count
  • Savor: Eat mindfully and savor the day
  • Turn Off to Tune In: Unplug from technology to reconnect with what matters

Visit to register and access program resources. Each month you participate, you’ll be entered into a quarterly drawing for a wellness-themed gift basket.