It takes a village

Hundreds of caretakers helped conjoined twins beat the odds

By: Nickie Doria, Lauren Gajda, Courtney Grigsby, Leah Harms, Alisha Kinman, Karin Lillis, Todd Taylor
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Before conjoined twins Savannah and Scarlett were born, many imaging scans showed the hearts in utero. While these scans provided information about how the babies’ hearts were developing, a physical heart model could help the care teams evaluate their heart structures and determine the best course of action to separate the twins’ hearts during surgery. 3D Systems, a company out of Colorado, used the medical images to create a 3-D physical model of the conjoined hearts. It featured color-coding to differentiate each part of the hearts; enabled our care teams to fully examine the interior and exterior structures of the hearts; and confirmed that separation was imperative for the twins’ survival.

Meet Savannah and Scarlett's Caretakers

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