Step it Up — Take the stairs!

The new Step it Up employee fitness initiative encourages faculty and staff to take the stairs.

With the popularity of fitness activity trackers rising, many employees are searching for new ways to “get their steps in” during the day. The UF-UF Health Wellness Committee and GatorCare offer a solution with the new Step it Up employee fitness initiative. It encourages faculty and staff to take the stairs, which reduces congestion in the elevators that our patients and families use, and promotes exercise.

In May, the pilot project launched in a UF Health Shands Hospital stairwell located near the Atrium elevators (color-coded orange in our new wayfinding system). You’ll find a Step it Up decal outside each stairwell door and each flight of stairs features a colorful sign with encouraging messages, such as “Taking the stairs is a healthy decision!” Many employees exercise outside work, but using the stairs is a great way to get fit in between meetings or during breaks.

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