The Power of Together staff spotlight

Charles Crescioni, B.S.N., R.N., discussed how TeamSTEPPS fits with The Power of Together

We caught up with Charles Crescioni, B.S.N., R.N.,

Charles Crescioni_MCM_6482a senior quality improvement specialist with the UF Health Sebastian Ferrero Clinical Quality and Patient Safety division. He discussed how a team-based curriculum offered to faculty, staff and students called TeamSTEPPS (team strategies and tools to enhance performance and patient safety) fits with the big picture of The Power of Together, UF Health’s five-year strategic plan.

What is TeamSTEPPS?

CC: TeamSTEPPS is a framework for team performance that health care systems around the country have adopted to improve patient care. Key areas of focus include communication, leadership, mutual support and situation monitoring — themes that course through The Power of Together. The curriculum provides tools and strategies to build high reliability into team operations. The UF Health Sebastian Ferrero Office of Clinical Quality and Patient Safety and the UF Office of Interprofessional Education are focused on providing training for interested faculty and staff to prepare trainers and coaches (master training) for improvement initiatives.

How does TeamSTEPPS tie into The Power of Together?

CC: The underlying principles of TeamSTEPPS sync extraordinarily well with the goals outlined in The Power of Together. Concepts from this model have been previously adapted in select areas across UF Health. We’re looking forward to the overall TeamSTEPPS framework as one way to uniformly integrate and optimize those efforts to improve how we work together. I also base my TeamSTEPPS presentations on The Power of Together to illustrate how the deliverables of the curriculum — enhanced teamwork leading to highly effective care solutions — align closely with UF Health’s strategic plan.

How does your team’s day-to-day activities support our overall strategic goals? Revisit them on the Bridge — search “The Power of Together” — to connect the dots and see how each of our responsibilities is reflected in The Power of Together.