Protecting tomorrow, today

New ad campaign features pediatric patients, teams

By: Jessica Barton

UF Health’s new advertising campaign for UF Health Pediatrics and UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital focuses on what matters most — our patients.

Launched on April 1, the print and digital ads, which feature lively animation, highlight young UF Health patients who have managed their health issues with the help of our pediatric care teams. The ads illustrate what each child wants to be when they grow up.

The first two ads feature Liam — who wants to be a chef despite having a pediatric seizure disorder — and Tavis — who wants to be a baseball player even though he struggles with asthma and allergies. The ad copy shares details about their health issues, the expert care they received from our pediatric care teams and how they were able to get back to chasing their dreams.

Future ads will include a pediatric cancer patient who wants to be a fashion designer, a pediatric surgery patient who aspires to train dolphins and a former NICU patient.

The campaign was created internally by several of our UF Health Communications teams. Print ads will appear in local magazines, animated ads will be showcased in movie theatres and digital ads will be seen online and on local digital displays.