A quality publication

Our priority is to provide every patient with the best possible care. But have you ever wondered exactly what steps we take to ensure Quality is Job 1? If you’re not a clinical care provider, you may not be aware of the breadth of UF Health’s quality-related activities.

Add The Q Report to your UF Health reading list to stay informed of quality advances and efforts happening throughout our health care system.

The Q Report is a quarterly newsletter of the UF Health Sebastian Ferrero Office of Clinical Quality and Patient Safety, featuring the latest news about quality and improving the patient experience in our UF Health Gainesville-based programs. We also highlight faculty and staff who advance critical programs that help us provide better service to everyone who seeks care at our facilities.

Read the publication online at QReport.Health.ufl.edu or pick up a copy!

For more frequent quality updates, visit the Bridge home page and check out the “FYI: Announcements — Quality” section and Leadership Status Updates from Randy Harmatz, M.B.A., UF Health senior vice president and chief quality officer.