Creating a safe and healthy environment

New Bridge site features tobacco and contraband information and resources

During Hospitality and Service training, we’re taught to create the best possible experience for our patients and each other — and fundamental to that experience is safety. It’s our responsibility to provide a safe, clean, healthy and welcoming environment for everyone who seeks care or works on our campuses. That’s why we have policies and guidelines in place that prohibit contraband and the use of tobacco products on our campuses.

These efforts reflect our commitment to making healthy choices for our patients, visitors and everyone in the UF Health family. Thank you for your support.

  • You can direct patients and visitors to our public website for more information: org/tobacco-contraband-free
  • Please access tobacco and contraband resources on the new Bridge site:
  • Find policy information, smoking cessation material and scripts for staff to use if they are comfortable addressing the use of tobacco by colleagues, patients and visitors. You’ll also find a comprehensive list of UF and UF Health Shands policies related to tobacco and contraband use, and a wide selection of links to counseling services and self-help resources.
  • We do not allow smoking or the use of tobacco products (including cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes) on our campuses, sidewalks and parking areas, or inside our buildings.
  • We ask faculty, staff, volunteers, patients and visitors to avoid bringing restricted items to UF Health. If individuals have contraband upon arrival, we ask them to leave these items behind when entering campus or our buildings. This also applies to anyone with a concealed weapon permit; if you travel with these items, please leave them safely secured in your vehicle.
  • The presence and use of knives, guns or other weapons is prohibited
  • The presence and use of illicit/illegal drugs and alcohol anywhere on campus or in our buildings is prohibited.
  • It’s up to every one of us to model healthy behaviors. Join us today!