No Two Alike

UF Health’s new brand campaign leaves an impression

Many of us have scars that remind us of our past. As a child, maybe you took a tumble climbing on furniture or fell off your bike. Perhaps your scar is from playing sports or a vehicle accident. You might have overcome a life-threatening disease. Scars tell a story of perseverance and, in some cases, survival.

UF Health’s new brand campaign, No Two Alike, focuses on the personal stories of four individuals from different walks of life who sought our expert care for serious medical conditions.

They share what their scars mean to them, and why they wear them with pride. They express gratitude for the lifesaving care they received here, enabling them to recover and return to their everyday lives. Their stories remind us that no two patients are alike, which is why our staff and physicians tailor care to each patient we serve.

Building on our successful Invisible Connections campaign, which focused on our leading-edge research and its impact on people throughout our communities, our new No Two Alike campaign allows patients to tell their own stories — and ours.


552953_COMM-UF Health Shands_NN_Sept

Location: Melbourne, Florida

Condition: Epilepsy

Procedure: Front temporal lobectomy (brain surgery)

“When I see my scar, I think survival.”


55295_COMM-UF Health Shands_NN_Sept

Location: Tallahassee, Florida

Condition: Osteosarcoma (bone cancer)

Procedure: Limb-conserving surgery involving shoulder reconstruction and bone transplant

“When I think about my scar, I think I’m one of a kind.”



55_COMM-UF Health Shands_NN_Sept

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Condition: Degenerative disc disease and neoplasm (tumor at base of skull)

Procedure: Spinal fusion and tumor removal

“My scar shows how brave I am.”



5529_COMM-UF Health Shands_NN_Sept

Location: Fleming Island, Florida

Condition: Coronary artery disease (which led to heart attack)

Procedure: Cardiac catheterization and stenting (via her wrist)

“It’s amazing. I don’t even have a scar.”


Stacy Beers, UF Health Communications Marketing director, and the UF Health Communications team led the creation of the new brand campaign. Beers has answered several questions for us about No Two Alike.

Where and when will we see the ads for the new campaign?

Starting Sept. 3 through the fall of 2017, you’ll see multimedia advertising for the campaign running in diverse news outlets. Television and online ads will run throughout Florida, with a heavy concentration in north and central Florida. Print, radio and billboards ads will appear locally, mostly in north central and north Florida.

How will the ads be used?

We will continually rotate the four TV spots over a two-year span to ensure that the campaign has a positive impact. We will introduce new print and multimedia ads along the way. These will include advertising in major publications (newspapers, magazines and health industry publications), radio, TV, Web banners, outdoor advertising, such as billboards and other diverse advertising in places including Gainesville, Jacksonville and Orlando regional airports.

How did you come up with the No Two Alike concept?

Our UF Health Communications Marketing teams and agency partners held focus groups in Gainesville and Jacksonville. They brought together current UF Health patients and other health consumers from north central and north Florida and surrounding areas. The focus group attendees were asked to review two final campaign concepts and they overwhelmingly decided on No Two Alike, which focuses on patient outcomes and builds on our previous campaign, Invisible Connections. The focus group participants liked hearing stories from our patients’ points of view. They also enjoyed seeing the patients after recovery in a nonhospital environment, back to doing regular daily activities.

Why is this campaign important?

UF Health is the state’s leading health care referral center and one of the nation’s most well-respected health care organizations. This campaign highlights the great work we do. Since patients have so many choices for care, we need to make sure the public has an awareness of UF Health so it’s top of mind when they have a health care need. The No Two Alike campaign emphasizes that we see patients as individuals, which is a strong message. As employees of UF Health, it is important to remember the impact of word-of-mouth promotion and that every time a patient reaches out to us, we want them to have a great experience where we listen to them, engage with them and show them we care to make that message gain strength.


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