Management Engineering Consulting Services

When it comes to problem-solving at UF Health, a small but mighty team of industrial and system engineers is always willing to provide solutions — UF Health Shands Hospital Management Engineering Consulting Services.

The department’s mission


UF Health Shands Hospital Management Engineering Consulting Services team members include (from left) Carla Rodriguez-Caro, staff engineer; Shane Wiggins, intern; Cristina Galloway, staff engineer; Roque Perez-Velez, director; Janna Browning, intern; John W. Jackson, staff engineer; Maria Lyn Cauthorn, intern; and Derek Murray, senior engineer.

The Management Engineering team strives to improve the delivery of health care at UF Health. The staff leads process-improvement initiatives for departments that provide care to and support UF Health Shands and UF Health Physicians facilities. These initiatives inspire positive, sustainable changes that eliminate waste and inefficiencies and support UF Health’s patient-centered goals.

Solutions for all

From transition planning for a pediatric unit, to refining patient flow strategy in the E.R., to improving quality outcomes, our Management Engineering experts help find solutions for diverse clients.

Tools and techniques for process-improvement

  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Queueing theory
  • Discrete event simulation
  • Operations research
  • Facilities planning
  • Project management
  • Descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Process improvement
  • Benchmarking

How can Management Engineering help your department?

Interested departments can visit the UF Health Bridge and search “Management Engineering.” Once on the team’s page, click the “Request a Project” tab. Management Engineering also offers several courses through UF Health Shands Human Resources Development, and others on demand, including:

  • Process Improvement Facilitator Training (HRD)
  • Process Improvement Specialist Training (HRD)
    coming soon
  • Process Improvement Associate Training (On demand)
  • 5S Organization Training (On demand)

“It is so valuable to have a resource with analytical expertise and outside perspective to facilitate process improvements. Management Engineering has facilitated three major projects for us,” said Caroline Bell, UF Health Shands Hospital Radiology technical director. “Management Engineering brings an outside perspective that is organized, data-driven and produces results in a finite period of time. It is so very important to have that outside assessment, because some issues seem too overwhelming to tackle internally.”

For more information, email Roque Perez-Velez, P.E., DSHS, UF Health Shands Hospital Management Engineering Consulting Services director, at

“We pride ourselves in facilitating process improvement initiatives led by multidisciplinary teams throughout the UF Heath system,” said Perez-Velez. “These initiatives spark the discovery of efficient and effective ways to make the most out of available resources. Like everyone at UF Health, our ultimate goal is to help improve the patient experience.”

Quick facts:

71 – Average number of projects performed annually (2010-14)
47 – Years Management Engineering has been serving UF Health
9 – Team members
5 – Full-time engineers
4 – Industrial engineering interns