Take the Compliance Awareness Survey

Take the Compliance Awareness Survey

Support our culture of compliance at UF Health Shands by completing the Compliance Awareness Survey, which begins in January.

Code of Conduct: Review and understand

Obey the regulations and policies that apply to your job

Make compliance awareness part of your job duties

Pledge to always do the right thing

Lead by example

Identify potential problems

Attend educational and mandatory training sessions

Notify your supervisor if you know of or suspect possible wrongdoing

Contribute to open and honest communication

Encourage co-workers to adopt our culture of compliance

Employees will receive an email notification with instructions on how to access the survey online. The survey is confidential and takes a few minutes to complete. Your answers will help the UF Health Shands Compliance program be more effective.

Thank you for your commitment to compliance and ethics at UF Health Shands.