Privacy please!

Privacy please!

Communication is vital to UF Health’s success. It’s how we make personal connections with patients, exchange life-saving information and ensure exceptional care.

However, we need to keep in mind that certain conversations should be limited to appropriate places and times. Our patients rely on us to protect their right to privacy and confidentiality, so let’s keep in mind some fundamental principles while communicating with others.

• Talk about patient cases only to colleagues who have a professional need-to-know in order to do their jobs.

• Remember to look around; do not discuss patient information in a public or shared area where you might be overheard.

• Understand our patients’ rights; be familiar with HIPAA and UF Health Shands core policies.

• Speak up if you hear sensitive information being conveyed inappropriately.

• Take our patients’ perspective. Even if you omit identifying information, it’s not appropriate to talk about patient stories to others.

Sensitive and appropriate communication is a topic discussed at UF Health Hospitality and Service trainingnow available to all UF Health Shands, UF Health Physicians and College of Medicine staff.