Inroducing: UF Health Bridge

Introducing: UF Health Bridge

With around 22,000 employees at UF Health, it can be a challenge to keep everyone informed and support collaboration. We’re happy to introduce UF Health Bridge — a new intranet portal that will better connect you to your UF Health colleagues and stay updated about happenings around the system.

Bridge is a one-stop online communications and collaboration hub that will replace the ShandsConnect Portal and parts of Sharepoint (aka UF Health Connect), enriching our workplace with added functionality.

Bridge boasts four major functions:

Group collaboration — Formal and informal groups can be created so that faculty, staff and students can share files, resources, discussions, events and links. These can be kept open or private.

Resource library — All the familiar links you now find on existing portals can be found on Bridge by hovering over the main menu bar, a “digital bookshelf” where work-related tools, services and applications live. Use the search feature to find exactly what you need within each section.

Internal websites — Departments and programs can develop and manage their own dynamic internal websites as resources for their staff and internal customers.

Enterprise communications — Best represented by the homepage, Bridge opens the door for systemwide communications across all areas of UF Health.

Additionally, it’s all mobile-friendly —you can use all of these features from a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

With features like easy document sharing, collaboration groups and a robust homepage, Bridge connects us all to what matters at UF Health.

Access Bridge at If prompted to log in, use the log in information you use to access any work computer.

The UF Health Communications Web Services team will host several classroom trainings and demonstrations to introduce you to Bridge. Look for a detailed schedule later this fall.